Auto Towing

Auto Towing Re-Imagined

There are many responsibilities involved in running a successful towing service. From answering phones and scheduling services to marketing and balancing the books, it takes a lot to keep things running smoothly.

The unrealistic test weight practices that led to asterisks and fine print are gone, replaced by an actual maximum towing rating based on popular options.

Reliable Roadside Assistance

Many roadside assistance providers offer a similar set of services, and it’s important to understand what they cover so you can choose the best plan for your needs. There are several things to keep in mind when comparing plans, including maximum towing distance, service call limits and coverage liability.

A good roadside plan should provide basic coverage for a reasonable price. For example, most providers offer towing for up to a certain number of miles and help with flat tires and battery jump-starts. Some include additional services, such as lockout assistance or fuel delivery. Others have higher price points and offer more comprehensive benefits, such as winching or rekeying services.

HONK provides vehicle owners with a fast, simple and cost-effective way to get help when they need it most. By using mobile apps that preload a vehicle owner’s information and their location, there is less room for miscommunication or confusion over the phone. Moreover, a customer’s car is scanned with a QR code that tells the service provider exactly what kind of assistance is needed and where they are located.

HONK’s pay-per-use model keeps service charges low and ensures vehicle owners never receive surprise bills. Unlike other roadside assistance providers, HONK also offers a guaranteed not to exceed service quote. This means that if your roadside assistance provider goes over the estimated time or service costs, you will never have to argue over the bill again. Plus, tax and tip are included in the service quote. That’s why HONK is popular with vehicle owners who want to avoid the high prices of traditional roadside assistance providers.

Roadside Assistance with a Twist

There are many ways to purchase roadside assistance, such as through your car insurance company, a credit card or even your favorite restaurant. It can be very convenient to have access to a service like this, especially if you travel frequently or live somewhere off the beaten path. Unfortunately, getting help in an emergency situation isn’t always easy.

You may find yourself stranded on the side of the road, in a parking lot or even in your own driveway due to a flat tire, dead battery or locked keys. Roadside assistance can help with these unexpected twists life throws your way.

We’re finding that more and more vehicle owners are choosing our digital roadside assistance option. When they tap the QR code button on their phone, it automatically loads their information in our custom roadside assistance dispatch website with Allstate and shows them whether or not they qualify for benefits. It also pulls their location from the app and eliminates the need for them to explain their location over the phone, which can be a challenge for some people.

In addition to its convenience, digital roadside assistance provides some added safety benefits. For example, it helps vehicle owners avoid a potential collision with the tow truck. It uses the vehicle owner’s GPS to track their location, which helps reduce the possibility of a towing accident by providing accurate distance and speed data. It also allows them to avoid a costly towing bill by avoiding the “trip charge” that some services charge for traveling more than a certain distance from their garage or shop.

One of the most common towing accidents occurs when a driver turns too sharply. As a result, the trailer may swing out and sideswipe another vehicle or object. It’s important to allow extra space for turning, especially in gas stations and parking lots. For added safety, you should allow at least 4 seconds between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you when towing a trailer.

Luckily, today’s modern vehicles come equipped with a suite of driver-assistance technologies to help elevate and keep drivers safer on the road. For instance, the Nissan Rogue features an intelligent forward-collision warning system that watches two cars ahead and warns you to brake if it detects sudden deceleration. The system can also activate emergency braking support to help reduce the risk of an impact.

Roadside Assistance with a Smile

There are many reasons why a driver might need roadside assistance, from driving over something sharp and popping a tire to running out of gas. But no matter how you got there, they all have one thing in common: you need help right away to resolve the situation and get back on your way.

When they tap the QR code, it automatically preloads their information into our custom roadside assistance dispatch website with Allstate. This process eliminates the need for a phone call between them and the service provider, and it cuts out any chance of miscommunication. In addition, their location is pulled directly from their mobile device, eliminating the need to try and explain where they are over the phone. We’re finding this new process is particularly popular with younger vehicle owners who are less comfortable making calls, and it’s also helping to improve the overall customer experience.

When a vehicle owner experiences a breakdown, extra conveniences and reassurance go a long way towards keeping them happy and loyal. By rethinking how they manage their roadside assistance, dealerships can keep customers coming back for years to come and drive business forward. DriveSure makes it easy to offer a full suite of renewable roadside benefits with every qualifying vehicle purchase, service appointment, or repair.

DriveSure® Roadside Assistance

Unlike coupon-based deals and discount offers that compete on price alone, DriveSure differentiates dealerships by offering premium benefits and value. Customers who utilize this service benefit are more likely to return for their next service visit and keep your dealership at the top of mind when it comes time to purchase new tires and other auto parts.

When a customer visits your dealership for an oil change, they receive a unique QR code that’s preloaded with their VIN and location on our custom roadside assistance dispatch website with Allstate. When they need help, all they have to do is tap a button to get connected with a roadside assistance driver within 25 miles of their location. The information is automatically passed between the dealer and the driver, eliminating the need for them to call and explain their situation – making this process more convenient for vehicle owners who hate having to make calls over the phone.

Once they connect with a driver, the roadside assistance technician will assess the situation and determine what needs to be done. Then they will contact the dealer to request the needed parts and services, allowing them to complete the repairs in their shop. This allows the service department to be more efficient and helps reduce costs by minimizing the need for costly and time-consuming towing.

For example, if your customer’s tire is punctured by a road hazard, they can simply call the number on their maintenance sticker and the dealer will cover the cost of replacement up to the benefit limit. This keeps customers happy and gives them peace of mind on the road.

As an added bonus, the program includes emergency rental car coverage to take the stress out of a sudden breakdown and provides another opportunity to sell additional services such as tire protection.

Keeping your customers loyal to your dealership isn’t easy, especially with the rise of quick lubes and independent garages. With high customer demands and increasing service intervals, it’s harder than ever to keep customers engaged with your brand. DriveSure, a service solution developed by Krex, Inc, and included with all scheduled maintenance services, helps dealerships stand out from the competition.